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Conventional Mortgage Loan

A Conventional Mortgage Loan is a traditional program for loans that are not guaranteed by the government. These loans can have a fixed or adjustable rate.

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FHA Mortgage Loan

FHA, the Federal Housing Administration, is a governmental agency established to develop national standards of housing and encourage home ownership.

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VA Mortgage Loan

The VA Mortgage Loan was recognized in 1944 through the GI Bill of Rights. The GI Bill gives?veterans a guaranteed home with no down payment.

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USDA loans are guaranteed by the US Department of Agriculture. 100% financing is available with the no down payment option.

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Jumbo Loan

A Jumbo Loan is a loan that has an amount over the usual limit, and therefore, the lenders usually charge a higher interest rate.

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Do you want a second mortgage, but want to pay a minimal down payment? 80/15/5 loans, loans that are only available in Texas…

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Second Lien Mortgage Loan

A Second Mortgage Loan is a secured loan subordinate to the first mortgage based upon the same property. The Second Mortgage Loan usually allows the borrower a much larger loan because you are borrowing against a home.

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Portfolio Loan

A Portfolio Loan is a mortgage loan that is held as investment by the lender or a bank instead of being sold on the secondary market i.e. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan

A Hard Money Loan is a short term loan secured by real-estate, sometimes referred to as a bridge-loan. Hard Money Loans can be used for commercial or residential properties.

One-Time Close Construction Loan

The Interest Rate is fixed for 10 years then adjustable thereafter. Interest only payments are due during the construction period and then the loan is amortized once complete.

Two-Time Close Construction Loan

Interest only payments are due during the construction period. The Interest Rate is fixed with a typical term of 12 months. After the home is complete, the construction loan will need to be refinanced into permanent financing.

Disaster Relief Mortgage

A special 100% mortgage program to help victims in Presidentially designated disaster areas recover by making it easier for them to get mortgages and become homeowners or re-establish themselves as homeowners.

Bank Statement Loan

Bank Statement Loan

HomeWay Mortgage is able to provide great alternative financing options for self-employed borrowers. This is done by making common sense driven eligibility decisions centered around a borrower’s ability to repay.



Do you want to acquire a small apartment complex? HomeWay is partnered with lenders who specialize in Multifamily using non-bank multifamily bridge loans or long-term financing products to help you build your Multi-Family Portfolio.

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans are a type of hard money loan used by real estate investors to purchase a property in distress, fund necessary renovations, and resell it for a profit.

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan program used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation.

Commercial Down Payment Assistance and Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is a creative financing strategy often used by real estate investors when conducting a double closing (aka – simultaneous closing).

Foreign National Real Estate Loans

1-4 Single Family residential properties for foreign investors.

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