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Amarillo, ?The Yellow Rose of Texas,? is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle and located in Potter County. Originally founded as a cattle marketing center during the late 1800?s, Amarillo is a vital economic power to the Texas Panhandle, Eastern New Mexico, and the Oklahoma Panhandle. The city offers several tourist attractions for the whole family, such as the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, Cadillac Ranch, Big Texan Steak Ranch (home of the 72oz. steak challenge), Don Harrington Discovery Center and Wonderland Park. Home to 190,695 people, Amarillo is growing into a large city and people are looking to refinance within the city or purchase for the first time. Whatever you are looking for, HomeWay Mortgage can help. Give us a call today and we will make your dream of owning a home come true.

Types of Loan Programs

At HomeWay Mortgage we offer a wide variety of loan programs for the Amarillo area, including FHA loans, conventional mortgage loans, refinancing and plenty more. We offer flexibility with both the interest rate for the mortgage loan (adjustable-rate loans and fixed-rate loans) the loan period (15-year and 30-year mortgage loans). We take pride in helping veterans secure homes with the VA mortgage loan program. If you have a low credit score ranging between 600 and 620, then that is not a problem. At HomeWay Mortgage, we offer mortgage loan programs that will work best for your financial situation. Whether you wish to refinance your current mortgage loan or apply for a new mortgage loan to fund a property in Amarillo, we can help. Call us today so we can get the process started.

Amarillo Area Statistics

The city?s median home price recorded?for 2018?is roughly $229,450, according to trulia.com. Amarillo has over fifty schools and is home to both Amarillo College and West A&M University. Several people have already chosen to call the quaint city of Amarillo home; it?s time for you to be added to that list. Let HomeWay Mortgage get your Amarillo mortgage loan put into process today. To get started, simply fill out the Instant Quote form, we look forward to hearing from you.

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HomeWay Mortgage is the right choice for you. For the sake of convenience, our site allows you to easily apply?online or call 281-565-8500 to speak to an experienced Amarillo mortgage broker. HomeWay Mortgage has its own underwriting department in-house, so you can get preliminary approval in minutes. Not to mention, we are more than willing to work with you if your credit isn?t perfect. Fill out the Instant Quote form for your free quote and make the move towards creating your Amarillo mortgage loan today.

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