Biweekly Mortgage A biweekly mortgage is a mortgage for which one-half payment is made every other week instead of a “full payment” made once per month. The homeowner makes 13 payments per year instead of the usual twelve, which accelerates the loan’s payoff schedule by approximately 6 years.   The “Regular” Mortgage: 12 Payments Per […]

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How Much Home Can I Buy?

Posted by Jennifer Looper · on August 18, 2017 · in Jennifer Looper · with 0 Comments

How Much Home Can I Buy? One of the most common questions a first-time home buyer will ask is “How much home can I afford?” The answer, as we will tell you, is that “it depends”. There are no fixed set of rules for how much home you can afford, or how big your mortgage […]

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First Time Homebuyer? Consider These Tips

Posted by Reagan Tielke · on July 26, 2017 · in Articles · with 0 Comments

With the real estate market steadily improving, more and more first time buyers are purchasing homes and qualifying for mortgages. Have you been thinking about buying your first home? HomeWay Mortgage has put together a few tips to help you begin your journey to home ownership. Affordability. One of the most important things you can […]

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5 Tips To Pick The Right Lender

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One of the most complicated decisions you will likely make concerning your home mortgage will be which lender to choose. Today there are several mortgage lenders out there ready to accept your loan application. But just because a lender accepts your application doesn’t mean it’s the right deal for you. Since you’ll likely be associated […]

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The Pros and Cons of Escrowing

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When you get a mortgage, the lender usually adds real estate taxes and insurance premiums to the monthly house payment. The lender sets aside this money in what is called an escrow account (sometimes it’s called an impound account). An escrow account ensures that the taxes and insurance will be paid on time. This protects […]

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Questions to Ask A Realtor

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You’ve finally found it: a home you can’t wait to buy it and move into. From the exposed ceiling beams to the hardwood floors, this feels like the place. So what’s next? Don’t just stand there dumbstruck; it’s time to dig deeper and ask questions—and not just the kind that randomly pop into your head, […]

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Tax Advantages of Homeownership

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A great milestone of your financial life is the purchase of your first home.  While less exciting, the tax implications of that achievement are no less critical.  After all, home ownership creates several new opportunities for you to save on your taxes.  Got your attention? Mortgage Interest Deduction That big fat mortgage payment you now […]

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