Do I Need a Realtor To Buy A Home?

Do I Need a Realtor To Buy A Home?

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Many of our clients ask, “Do you really need to use a Realtor to purchase a home?” ?My response is, ?Would you perform surgery on your own tooth or would you go to a dentist? ?You are purchasing the most expensive item in your entire life and you should utilize a professional.”

Navigating a real estate purchase is tricky business. The web has made it possible to do a lot of the legwork yourself, but there?s no substitute for an experienced professional. A contract negotiator who knows the market can save you time, money and heartache by helping you make the right offer?playing hardball when necessary?and staying on top of the process.

But don?t just call the agent on a listing you like and sign up. That agent is working for the seller, who (naturally) is trying to get you to pay top dollar for their home. You need a ?buyer?s agent,? who represents you exclusively. In return for that exclusivity, you?ll likely have to sign a contract saying that you won?t work with any other broker for a specified period of time.

You may encounter what?s called ?dual agency,? in which the agents representing both sides of the transaction work for the same brokerage; it could even be the same person. In most states such an arrangement isn?t illegal, but it raises the potential for conflicts of interest or leaks of confidential information. ?The key is transparency,? says Ryan Fitzpatrick, director of sales for New York real estate agency?CORE. Agents must disclose the situation in writing to both buyer and seller and get written approval.

One of the advantages of working with us is that we have your back?always. We will gladly help you in getting connected to a Professional, Licensed Realtor that will help you navigate through the entire purchasing process. A Realtor can help you saved a great deal of time, money and energy while finding you the home that is perfect for you. Ask one of our lending officers for one of your Preferred Realtor partners and start shopping for your home today!

We look forward to having the privilege of helping you with all of your lending needs and in connecting you with the right Licensed Real Estate Professional. Call Us!

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